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Walt T

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Where are you from?
  ⁃    Born and raised in Southeast end Newport News, Virginia.

When did you start making music?
  ⁃    2004
  ⁃    Rapping since the age of ten

Are you are solo artist or group?
  ⁃    Solo artist
  ⁃    Group(HPMG)

What noticeable music or albums have you created?
  ⁃    WVMG The Ville(Album)
  ⁃    Trap house jumping(Single)
  ⁃    Cola(Single)
  ⁃    Hood Platinum 1,2,3,4 and 5(Mixtapes)

  ⁃    Tupac
  ⁃    Jay Z
  ⁃    Abu
  ⁃    “The streets”

  ⁃    Blendsville Award
  ⁃    Multiple contest for 103 Jams
  ⁃    Never lost any rap contest

What are you doing now?
  ⁃    Fashion
  ⁃    Music
  ⁃    Fish scale Gods

Performed alongside
  ⁃    Future
  ⁃    2 chainz
  ⁃    Meek millz
  ⁃    Ace hood
  ⁃    Yo gotti

Things about you
  ⁃    Grew up in a poverty stricken drug infested area. I learned to hustle quick.

Future plans
  ⁃    To be the best trapper I can be

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