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S Class

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Super Producer S. CLASS is an artist from the historic Aberdeen community of Hampton, VA. His elementary education was in Newport News, and the rest of his public schooling was in Hampton, where he graduated from Bethel High School. He also attended Hampton University and studied Music Engineering and Technology.

Under the tutelage of his parents and his Musical Godfather Rick James, S. CLASS began studying several genres of music from birth. A multi-instrumentalist, he started playing bass guitar at 4 years old and was writing/composing by 8. Once several injuries sidelined his football dreams, he committed to music whole heartedly. CLASS lists some of his early musical influences as Parliament Funkadelic, Michael Jackson, Prince, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, New Edition, Teddy Riley, and Dr Dre. The self taught child prodigy - already an all-region chorus singer - learned guitar, piano, drums, and organ before becoming a teenager. In middle school he learned three saxophones and theory, and was composing sheet music for bands. At that time, his brother and best friend suggested he turn his poems into raps. Area legend Mic Lord gave CLASS challenges to improve his skills as an emcee and found his zone by age sixteen. He was a member of Middle East Compound and The Staff, the latter of which were in signing conversations with major and independent labels.

S. CLASS left the music scene and returned to do ghost and credited production in the early millennium. He has produced for international  and independent artists, and became a beat battle champion. In the last 5 years, he has released beat tapes, singles, and visual content independently. THE MUSIC ROOM, THE SEX TAPE, and JEWELRY are a few of the more popular releases (all of which are available wherever you stream and download). He plans to do more of the same for 2021, as well as tap into other creative categories. He is one of your favorite producer's favorite producers. As the newest member of HPMG, S. CLASS is prepared to school you - CLASS IS IN SESSION !!!

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