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They don’t call him Pyro Smoke for nothing. Since 14 he has been setting fire to anything and everything he touches. This astonishing east coast artist with a southern drawl, hails from none other than Bad Newz Virginia. He started making music at the age of 6, doing karaoke on his front porch in the heart of the city on Madison Avenue. At the tender age of 14 he was winning rap battles around Newport News at venues such as Kool runnings and Checkers. He’s been a part of Hood Platinums group Parking Lot called Walker Village mudras gang since the days of Royal Suites and Blurr. Does hostings as well performances. Has done extensive work with No Days Off, workings as an artist and production with projects such as the “Fried Chicken Circuit” . At the age of 34 he has amassed his life’s experiences and lessons, to fuel his expression of surviving through music. With his slick use of metaphors and punchlines, he recaps some of the ugliest lows and most beautiful highs that he’s traversed thus far. He released his debut mixtape “Blue Stripes” in 2016, which acquired spins on 103 jams, as well as 87.1 HU radio. He later released “Writing My Wrongz” in Jan of 2020, which is currently available on all platforms. This summer 2021, he plans to release his new project “W.O.L.F. Music (We Only Love Fam)”. You can check him out on all platforms, search PYRO SMOKE, YouTube- PYROGLYFXX (like listen and subscribe) and @p89pyro on IG.

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