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Phraze is a solo artist that was born on September 24, 1989 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As a youngster Phraze quickly developed a liking to music no matter the genre. As time went on Phraze just couldn't get enough of the music all around him, he turned just about everything around him into an instrument. With his mom growing weary of him banging on pots, pans, head boards, and anything else he could get his hands on his mother enrolled him in saxophone classes. That didn't last long for he had a different plan in mind, he found a way to fuse his love for computers with his love for music thereby creating instrumentals.


Before Phraze reached middle school, his mother sought a better environment for her and her son by moving to Hampton VA. Phraze continued his love for music all through middle school. In high school Phraze was known for his beats floating around school and in his neighborhood. While listening to artist to get inspiration from their energy on a song he instead got inspiration from their words and he began writing with influences such as Andre 3000,2 Pac, Lupe, AZ, EM, Ludacris and Cassidy. So Phraze embraced the hip-hop culture and began composing his own style of music entirely from top to bottom with his in home studio. After polishing his style off by doing local events and opening up for acts such as freeway, Phraze is ready to release his L.P "GPS" and currently working on his podcast "Tell My Story" and album for 2022 Crossroads through my label Hood Platinum Media Group.


Tell My Story Podcast was created by a Husband and Wife who saw the need to offer transparency & a voice on topics that may be taboo, triggering &/or overall traumatic. We don't offer advice. We offer perspective on issues in the world, the community & within us. The revolution isn't televised. Its internalized

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