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CEO P is a media Journalist, music executive, content creator, executive producer, digital marketing director and songwriter/Hip Hop artist. He is widely known for creating platforms (Showcases) and opportunities for independent creators(Radio, Blogs, Etc) .


Born and raised in Somerset, New Jersey, Ceo P first began writing music in high school as a personal  challenge inspired by the 90s kid Hip Hop Duo Kris Kross. He  continued to write music, rapping over industry instrumentals and began to take it seriously in college after meeting future business partner Double XL. CEO P's  sound is very business oriented deep rooted in life experiences over soulful production. CEO P's influences include Jay-z, Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross, TI and E40. Ceo P is mostly inspired by Hip Hop artists that are talented word smiths and successful in business. 


 CEO P started his  musical career in management and later  alongside business partner/artist Double XL, founding/co-owning  the record label/promotions company Hood Platinum Media Group in 2006. CEO P met his long time business partner rapping in the crowd and was amazed with how fearless DOUBLE XL destroyed his opponents in rap battles. Inspired by self made hip hop movements like Rockafella Records and later Maybach Music Group, The two sought out to make Virginia Talent household names.  The Virginia based company was known for creating mixtapes “Hood Platinum Mixtape Series”, open mic platforms “Rock the Mic University” & “Hustlemania” , indie blog, and indie radio show “RTM Radio" After a several years chasing a record contract and a failed deal with Koch records, CEO P took a leave of absence from the music industry from 2017-2019. 

Due new opportunities and partnerships, the company has rebranded to “HPMG”, with CEO P, once again hosting radio, debating alongside Double XL on “Goat Talk Radio Live”, becoming an artist working on a joint EP with Laron Bishop and exploring brand merchandising/Apparel. CEO P Plans to deliver creative business/life experience musical content and provide content management opportunities to independent artists. 


CEO P has partnered with companies Young Gifted Entertainment, Gyft Entertainment, and Team So Amazin to create the new Hood Platinum Media Group(HPMG) LLC. The company plans to provide marketing, distribution, promotion and branding opportunities to small businesses as well as  independent content creators. The day of signing a deal is Dead! It's about partnering with companies and creating strategies to produce long term revenue.  Anything you see an HPMG Brand achieve, your Brand can accomplish. will be the headquarters for any small business and content creator that needs a roadmap to earning revenue. HPMG makes your dream ours.

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