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Big Oak

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In 1980 an Indiana lady by the name of Brenda Louise Carter Compere had a son on June 30. His father was a Jamiacan foreigner by the name of Barrington Martin. He was proud enough to name his son a Jr. He named him Barrington Martin Compere better known by his stage name Big Oak. Miss Compere had a complicated birth. Big Oak was born D.O.A with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.  God gave him the opportunity to take his first breath with lungs completely covered with asthma so from the first breathe he has fought to live

Between 1980 and 1987 Big Oak lungs had collapsed on him twice because he was diagnosed as being hyperactive and knowingly having asthma while being hyperactive is a terrible combination. Mrs. Compere had to find a way to keep her son occupied without putting stress on his lungs so she introduced her son to music

Big Oak liked music so much that he started to write poetry + read them out loud to his mother. May 25, 1986, he lost his father to a massive heart attack And that is when his life completely changed.


Big Oak is from the project of Newport News Virginia. Being a sickly child. he was extremely sheltered for his safety. After his father died, playing in his older brothers room, he found a cassette tape. On the tape it read “N.W.A.” Being that he loaded music, he pushed play, and what he heard was exactly how he felt about losing his father... Rage.

That same year, jrs mother relocated from Dickerson Courts to Woodsons Apartments. Being sheltered everytime Jr. went outside everything he saw sat soaked up like a sponge aroung the same time a new drug called Crack was being sold everywhere in the new apartment complex he’d just move to. He witnessed something he had never seen before. A rap battle between two local emcees.

Seeing what he had Only seen on tv made him believe he could do the thing, be a rapper, so he continued to write. 

3 years passed before Jr mother relocated again, he ran into a few of his friends + found out that they were into music & could rap too. So from middle school to around highschool, Jr and his friends perfected their craft of being elite emcees & producers.

One year after graduation Jr got a call from an old friend. His friend told him that he was building a record label and wanted him to be apart of it. It was called SOUTHERN BOI ENT. Jr was ready to show the world his love and talent for music. 

He was skilled enough to bless XXL Me vs. Me as his debut.Jr did so good he was asked to open Bulletproof presents HOOD PLATINUM the mixtape, the other hood platinum projects.


He has also dropped 2 mixtapes himself. “The Real” + “A terrible situation “ 

Big Oak is currently working on the HPMG compilation + theogredontcare Vol. 1

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