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Big Jae

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Jermaine William McPhatter better known by his rap stage name Big Jae, is a hardworking, motivative, ambitious, confident songwriter and entrepreneur. Big Jae loves art museums, comedy shows, playing sport related video games, and spending time with his daughter and family when not doing music. Born in Baltimore, Maryland but raised in Newport News, Va. which is a low- poverty community, Big Jae found away to maneuver his talents out of the fast life onto the music scene. Big Jae has a diverse street authentic versatile style like none other. Many of  Big Jae influences are  Nas, Jay-Z, Scarface and Jadakiss, these artist are very inspiring because of there business mindset, creativity, hustler ambition, and not settling to generate wealth and real messages  through their music. 


     Big Jae began his music career with HPMG as a solo artist. The moment that influenced Big Jae to do music as a young child was seeing his uncle wearing the rope chains and bumping the boom box with Run DMC albums, Big Daddy Kane vibes and LL. Cool Jay smooth swag rhythm, with hip-hop  posters on the wall. It was the culture and vibes that led Big Jae to wanting to get involved in music. Big Jae  performed along side many artist such as Young Buck, Beanie Sigel, Lil Flip, Jadakiss and Lil Ru. Big Jae was  featured on several projects such as The Legacy (Amerika N Hershey), Hood Platinum, Bullet Proof mixtape, Hood Platinum volume 1,2,3 Monsta Music mixtape volume 1,2, Hood the Album and WVMG Da Vill mixtape.  Big Jae also executive produced 3 of those projects. Big Jae was featured in the controversial "95 Web series" season 1 episodes 1-10 part 1 & 2. This series is all about scandal, corruption, greed and violence. Focusing on East Coast trafficking corridor set in the interstate "95" area but based out of Newark, NJ. 2x Urban Award winner for most popular independent web series with over 1 million views and over 20,000 subscribers. 



 Currently in Chachi World Studio's working on a solo EP album and HPMG Collaboration album soon to release on all major platforms in 2021, Big Jae plans for the future is to make an impact on others such as youth change. Bridging the gap from poverty to business economics and inspiring the younger generation to be survivors instead of statistics and beating the odds to advance out of poverty. Big Jae quote "never give up on your dreams, keep chasing and you can do whatever you want to do if you put your mind to it". Big Jae;s  main goal for the future is "ownership" of a music company and  his own floor technician janitorial business so he is able to employ others and help provide for their families. 

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